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Pro Skins

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Pro Skins

Pro Skins

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Renew your grit and refresh your paddle with revolutionary PIKKL Pro Skins! Most pickleball paddles will experience up to a 50% reduction in ball spin when compared to a new paddle in as little as two months of high-level play. This happens when the raw carbon texture or sprayed-on grit is worn down from repeated ball strikes… a common industry problem.  We have a solution!

Introducing PIKKL Pro Skins! – the first and only replaceable pickleball paddle skin approved by USAP for professional tournament play.  Pro Skins are the ultimate solution for renewing your paddle spin.  Simply peel off the paper liner and apply the skin like a normal sticker.  When it’s time replace your skin, peel it off, throw it in the recycling bin, and put on a new Pro Skin.  It’s that easy!

Key Features:

  • USAP Approved
  • Durable textured surface renews your spin
  • Easy to apply
  • Recyclable
  • Set includes 2 skins for both sides of your paddle. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David S.
Very happy!

Very happy with these skins. I placed a set on my paddle when new thinking they will preserve the surface. My thinking is I can pull them off anytime and have a new surface on my paddle, or replace them if they wear out. They fit perfectly and preform great also. $20 seems like a no brainer to keep the paddle like new.

It worth it if you like heavier paddle feel

I play with Halo XL Control weighted up to 9.65 oz, it became sort of dull after 6month of playing. So these skins sounded like a great thing to have if you don't like to buy and retune your paddle every 6 month.
In general - yes it does the job and gives you your spin back. But it also shifts your paddle weight to head. After moving/removing bunch of lead tape I made the balance and weight of my paddle to what it was before. Paddle lost a bit of power, but feel is there. And stability is there. It became bit clunkier but after a few practice session I play just fine with it. In general I recommend it.
And now my biggest question is if I want to buy Vantage or Hurricane to be legal to use with skins going forward.

Minh Nguyen
Great way to give my Gearbox CX14h a 2nd life

I bought the Pro Skins to give my Gearbox CX14h not only a 2nd life, but incredible spin that I never had even when new. Between removing the weighted tape I had on the paddle and applying the new skin, the additional weight is noticeable but worth it for the spin. Highly recommend this product for any paddle that has lost it's grit. I would also recommend cutting the skin to match your paddle shape before applying, which I did not do.

Thomas Beuligmann
The Grit Ain't It


The face of my Holbrook Mav Pro was getting a little smoother, and I wasn't getting as much spin as when it was new, so I was curious to try these stick-on paddle faces. Just by chance the shape of the applique was very close to that of my paddle face. I basically stuck it on and trimmed the edges with a razor blade using the edge guard as a guide. I was probably done in five minutes. I weighed my paddle before and after and the difference was 18 grams total. Now, I like a heavier paddle, but I already had 12 grams of lead tape on the lower corners. I peeled that off and the net weight gain was only 4 grams. The unaccounted for two grams were probably in the edge tape going around the entire perimeter. In hand, I could actually feel the extra heft of the paddle since the weight was distributed more toward the top. I had expected the texture of the PIKKL SKINS to be gritty, but it actually felt smoother than the carbon paddle face. I'll tell you now, the grit ain't it- It's the secret sauce in the material that provides the bite. You can feel the friction just by rubbing a ball across the surface under medium pressure. The difference is noticeable. I verified that today during rec play. I was getting good dive on serves, and my opponents were having a hard time dealing with the slice, just like when my paddle was new. The manufacturer says they're getting 1800 rpm's of spin with these skins, and I believe them. Oddly, a side effect was that my paddle sounded noticably more muted on shots, but it didn't change the feel. I still had good power and touch. I am very impressed with PIKKL SKINS, and I think the product has a future. Personally, I can't quite get past the extra head-heaviness for my game, but I think the product has a place for many players. The company has plans for a much lighter skin in the future and I think that's doable. The backing on the sticker is pretty substantial, so I think there's room for improvement. As for it's place in the current market, just imagine all the cheap first paddles out there whose spin could be improved as beginners level up their games. It could also be useful for someone who has a very light paddle that's seen better days. And here's the kicker: they will be able to put any graphics you want on your paddle face. Your own design, your dog, your enemy, anything. I didn't think PIKKL SKINS will catch on for players above about 4.0, but let's face it, the majority of us aren't in that
group. All things considered, it's a pretty cool product, and the price is under twenty dollars!