Let's Play!

PIKKL was born from our unwavering desire to bring pro-level equipment to every pickleball player. From day one, our goal has been clear: every game inspired, exceptional performance unlocked.

Our mission is to provide professional quality products that transform gameplay and bring a modern style to the court. Designed with cutting-edge technology to deliver the perfect balance of power, control, spin, and durability, our paddles inspire excellence in every player. Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned pro, your winning edge starts here.

  • Performance

    We craft high-performance paddles for players of all levels. By designing every detail of our paddles for the highest levels of competition, we make it easier to play your best every time you step on the court.

  • Technology

    PIKKL incorporates cutting-edge technology into every paddle, providing the perfect balance of power and control.

  • Community

    We fuel the competitive spirit by encouraging connections among like-minded athletes who are passionate about improving their skills and leveling up their game with the best pickleball equipment available.

  • Dan & Heidi Martinson

    Dan Martinson is a 30-year entrepreneur in the rubber and plastics industry with relentless curiosity for innovation and manufacturing, a passion for Pickleball, and a 4.18 DUPR.  Dan has multiple patents and owns four other consumer product brands that are sold around the world. 

    Dan has been married for 26 years to Heidi, who sports a 4.0 DUPR herself, and they are proud parents of three children and a 12-year-old Sheepadoodle named Winnie. Now empty nesters, Dan and Heidi enjoy playing pickleball whenever possible wherever their travels take them. 

    When asked what he loves most about the sport, Dan shared, "Simply put, pickleball brings people together. Heidi and I have had more fun meeting new friends in the last year playing pickleball than any other time in our lives. After we played our first tournament together, we knew we had to get more involved in the sport. We have time to give and resources to offer, and we can’t wait to see where this PIKKL venture takes us!”

  • Mike & Erin Strommen

    Mike and Erin met in 1991 in a high school social studies class in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Neither Mike, a soccer player, nor Erin, a member of the dance team, could ever have imagined how a sport like pickleball would have such a positive impact on their lives. 

    Flash forward to 2019. The couple was introduced to pickleball, and it didn't take long for the pickle addiction to take hold. Both Mike and Erin wanted to play whenever they could, so they introduced the sport to friends and eventually put a court in their backyard so they could play 24/7. (Yes, their court has lights!) The people they’ve met on the court — people of all ages and skill levels — have quickly become some of their greatest friends, and they are excited to expand that community with the PIKKL brand.  

    Erin and Mike have three amazing kids (none of whom play pickleball) and too many dogs to count. They like traveling to Florida and playing at East Community Park in Naples, and they also enjoy pickleball battles on the three indoor courts at the barn they share with Dan and Heidi in Minnesota. When she’s not playing pickleball, Erin is obsessed with growing and sharing flowers, and Mike, well, he plays more pickleball.

  • David Dutrieuille

    David Dutrieuille is a devoted family man of faith, a proud father of five beautiful children, and a loving husband to the wonderful Angela Dutrieuille. His commitment to his family mirrors his dedication to pickleball — unwavering and full of heart.

    David's journey in the world of pickleball is marked by remarkable achievements. He proudly served as the former National Pickleball Director for Life Time and serves as an advisor to Life Time Pickleball, shaping the sport at a national level. On the court, he has claimed the prestigious title of U.S. Open Silver Medalist at the 5.0 level and a U.S. National Bronze Medalist, demonstrating his trademark combination of skill and finesse. His leadership, passion, and infectious joy have inspired countless players around the country to pursue their love of pickleball. 

    David's impact on pickleball has not gone unnoticed. Major publications like CNN, Fortune, Well & Good, LiveStrong, and Men’s Health have featured him, highlighting his insights and expertise in the sport. His contributions to the pickleball community extend far beyond the court, as he's crafted training curriculum for pickleball’s largest network of facilities and teaching professionals, Life Time.

    David Dutrieuille is not just a name in pickleball; he's a mentor, a competitor, a family man, and a servant-leader. His journey continues to inspire and shape the future of this beloved sport, and his legacy at PIKKL is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence.