From: Grove City, Ohio

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

Favorite skill to drill: Backhand roll

Doubles DUPR: 5.065


4.5 19+ singles Gold: 2023 APP Punta Gorda

4.5 19+ men's doubles Gold: 2023 US Open with my brother Connor

5.0 19+ men's doubles Bronze- 2023 APP Cincinnati

4.5 19+ singles Gold- 2023 PPA Cincinnati 


Camden Chaffin is a 12 year old emerging pro who started playing pickleball in October 2020. He plays many other sports but does not have a tennis background. Two of Camden's aunts introduced him to the game of pickleball and he was hooked right away. 

Camden currently plays 5.0 and pro qualifiers. He started with Rec play and local tournaments but is now competing and traveling to most APP and PPA tournaments. A long time goal for Camden is to be a top pickleball player and continue to spread the love of the game to others.

In his free time, Camden likes to play baseball, hang out with his friends and go to the beach. He is super excited to be a part of the PIKKL team and see where 2024 and beyond take him in this amazing sport!


Vantage Pro - 14mm

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