Meet Hurricane Tyra Black

Meet Hurricane Tyra Black

As PIKKL’s brand ambassador, Hurricane Tyra Black represents the best of pickleball — and the PIKKL brand. For her, pickleball is more than just a sport — it’s a way of life. Every member of our team feels the same way. Our company’s commitment to innovation and performance aligns with Tyra’s playing style and personal values, making this partnership a perfect match.



Excellence From an Early Age  

Born in Boca Raton, Florida, Hurricane Tyra grew up on the courts. She started playing tennis at age three and honed her skills until she eventually entered the pro tennis scene. She made a name for herself as a talented junior player, earned numerous accolades, and achieved top rankings by winning singles and doubles tournaments on the ITF tour. 

Despite her success as a tennis player, Hurricane Tyra struggled to find joy in the sport. She felt tennis was often a lonely sport that lacked the fun atmosphere she desired. Additionally, she didn’t have strong support, so far-away tournaments and long travels were especially difficult.

Entering the Pickleball Scene

After seeing the excitement pickleball had to offer, Hurricane Tyra embraced the sport with her trademark passion and determination. Her hard work and dedication paid off as she quickly ascended the ranks. In a short period, she earned recognition as one of the top professional pickleball players in the world.

Hurricane Tyra made her mark in the pickleball world when she defeated No. 1 player Anna Leigh Waters. Her victory sent shockwaves through the pickleball community. After that, she went on to claim the gold as her first-ever PPA medal at the Takeya Showcase in Fountain Valley, California — a victory that remains her favorite career memory.

Competition wasn’t the only thing that drew Tyra to the sport. The pickleball community let her know that she’d made the right choice. Other players and coaches walked alongside her as she learned a new skill, which she found extremely refreshing. Now, she finds the fun she was looking for every time she steps on the court. Although she spends hours each day training, when she’s not preparing for an upcoming tournament, you can find her at local recs playing with members of her community.

Envisioning a Future With PIKKL

At PIKKL, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the world of pickleball by offering premium products for all levels of players. Our focus on high-performance pickleball paddles matches Hurricane Tyra’s focus on improving her game. As a pro player, she knows the difference a quality paddle can make. 

When asked about the Vantage Pro, Tyra said the paddle is easy to grow into and hard to grow out of. This statement perfectly captures the essence of our mission to provide pickleball enthusiasts with top-quality gear that can enhance gameplay and elevate the performance of all levels. Whether you’re a pro like Tyra or a casual weekend player, you deserve the best pickleball paddles. And that’s precisely what we provide.



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